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Sales Terms and Policies
We highly recommend checking for wig color, style and size before ordering and also checking the item(s) upon receipt. Erroneous items or other errors in fulfilling the order that are caused by us will be corrected when we are notified. Kathy's Wigs and Toupees must be notified within 7 days of the time the items were received.

  1. Exchange/Return
    • NO REFUNDS are allowed.
    • We allow for 1 (ONE) EXCHANGE per an original shipment under the following conditions:
      1. Wig must be in original condition which requires that it:
        • Still be in its hairnet or poly bag.
        • Not be styled/brushed/combed differently than it was originally.
        • Has all tag(s) still tied to it.
        • Is not altered/trimmed.
        • Has no sprays, oil sheens, perfumes, or smoky smells on/in it.
        • Has not been worn by the customer.
      2. An authorization number (RMA# - Return Merchandise Authorization Number) to return the items will be given to customer and must be plainly displayed on the outside of any returned package(s).
      3. There is a restocking fee of 15% for each item returned using the RMA#.
      4. Value of exchanged item can go towards item of equal or greater value only.
      5. Credit card charge backs or cash refunds will not be done.
      6. Absolutely no exchange/return will be allowed more than 30 days after the original order date.

  2. Cancellation Fee
    • Order cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the time of the order.
    • If cancellation notification is not given to us within this time limit, a $20 cancellation will be charged.
    • This fee is not charged for a cancellation resulting from item discontinuance or other availability problem(s).

  3. Lost Shipment(s)
    • During the delivery process an item may sometimes be lost.
    • The merchandise will be replaced after:
      • We contact the delivery company and verify with tracing that the item has not been delivered.
      • A claim will be made with the delivery company.

  4. Defective/Damaged Items
    • Call/contact us within 24 hours of receipt of defective/damaged items.
    • Damaged shipment claims must be filed with the delivery company.
    • Item(s) with manufacturing defect will be replaced upon verification of defect at no cost to customer.
    • Replacement items will be sent by regular USPS.
    • If an item claimed to be defective is inspected and found not to be defective, item will be sent back to customer.

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Saturday - 11AM to 5PM PST
(name particular wig brand, name and desired color when ordering -
availability of particular wigs subject to change without notice)

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